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These are opportunities to learn and obtain professional development. Workshop times are average times and some can be adjusted based on organizational needs. At times, we offer our own opportunities. We also provide workshops through other agencies as well. If you're ready to request an opportunity, book here.  

Grief Training/Workshop [2hr]

Grief [2 hr]- Grief is induvial or collective, so the healing should be as well. When a major change or loss, tragedy of any nature strikes an individual or community, it impacts not only individuals in a specific way but the community as a whole. This can be change or loss of any kind, including personal identity, or workplace culture. This workshop aims to enhance participants' knowledge of both personal and communal grief and bereavement. It aims to help professionals to support those they serve to move through their grief, not avoid it; in order to support their ongoing healing. 


The Change Process [3hr]

Change doesn’t happen in a linear process. This workshop helps professionals to further understand the change process and how to support those they serve through this challenging journey during each stage of the process. Participants will learn a tool to assist Self and others assess their readiness to change which is based in Motivational Interviewing Framework. 


Mental Health [Black Mental Health] 101 [3hr]

This workshop is designed to help participants understand the connection of mental and physical health. It provides knowledge and helps to disrupt stigma and stereotypes around Mental health and how the two interact interdependently. 


Crisis Intervention [2hr]

This Workshop is to provide basic information about mental illnesses, to help participants learn to recognize potentially explosive situations and defuse them, getting people to treatment to avoid tragedy. Participants will increase understanding on ways to help intervene during a crisis situation.


Trauma 101 [3hr]

How trauma impacts others may vary but there are some common ways in which trauma impacts brain functioning. This workshop helps participants to increase knowledge about how trauma impacts the brain and nervous system. It will provide education to define types of traumatic experiences and differentiate between them. And lastly, it helps participants to develop understanding on the mind and body connection of how healing is truly a holistic process.


Implicit Bias [normally 6hr, can be adjusted]

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Vicarious Trauma/Self Care [2hr]

Helpers and Healers are exposed to the traumatic experiences of those they serve, leaving them at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. This workshop encourages participants to explore the symptoms of compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma. Participants will then develop coping skills to increase self-care and vicarious resilience. 


Group Therapy [3hr]

Oftentimes those we serve feel alone in their journey of healing. Group work is a great way to provide a collective experience and grow support systems. This workshop focuses on the application of social work group theory as it applies across the life span to client intervention groups. Three focal areas are addressed within the context of social work group theory: the individual group member, the group as a whole, and the environment in which the group functions. Attention is also given to a theoretical approach for working with individuals with diverse backgrounds in diverse settings. This workshop is both lecture and interactive style learning.


It’s a Brain Thang [4hr]

As one experiences life it impacts the brain. The way the brain learns and receives new information is also the way the brain tells the body how to heal. Events and experiences can rewire and or disfragment the brain’s understanding of life and worldview. This also impacts the nervous system. This workshop helps participants to better understand what’s happening in the brain and the connection to human behavior, specifically in times of stress.


Somatic Mindfulness

Best in Person, can be done virtually. Would need to purchase items in advance. Mindfulness through Crafts are used in working on repair. This workshop integrates developing a product to use as a tool that allows us to integrate affirmations into our self work, our commitment to change, reinforcing it and creating a product that aligns with the work you are seeking to do. This helps us in practicing self care, to increase mindfulness, and to allow those things that no longer serves us to be released.


Custom Design

We are able to design your behavioral health, wellness, change culture, equity and inclusion, self/professional development workshop based on your organization's needs. Contact us to see if it's within our scope.

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