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The Work Speaking for itself!

Here are words from those we have served through one of our services. If you would like to share your experience, please feel free to share it by clicking here and completing a shared experience form.

We aren't just a service, we're an experience.

Non Profit Owner

"I have been fortunate to have witnessed, participated, and trained with this dynamic presenter. The service she provides is innovative, strategic, and authentic. Her compelling presentation creates an environment of genuineness, bravery, and engagement that allows participants to confront their fears freely by understanding the power of choice, which is a major step to beginning the journey to change or healing."

Cultural Service Learning Participant

"Anything is possible with dedication, focus, faith in the Most High Creator, the Ancestors, personal commitment and community. The trailblazing work that Obey Foundation and Harmony Health has done and is doing is inspirational/life changing and I am eternally grateful to have made my first trip to the continent of Africa with them. I learned so much about myself on the journey and came back with a kind of peace in my spirit that is not easily translated into English. The trip is truly priceless and I am looking forward to going back". again.."

Private Practice Owner

"I consulted with Ms. Bey. This service was awesome. Isis was a wealth of information and her input was invaluable. The manner in which she conducted consultation with allowing me an open floor to ask the questions that I needed consultation on. It greatly helped with making the service be person centered and catered specifically for me. Due to her consultation, I left with a clear understanding and road ahead regarding transitioning my business from a solo practice to a group practice. I would hands down recommend her consultation for business owners looking to expand!

VA Health Administrator

“Ms. Bey was invited by the Social Justice Committee at the Salisbury VA Medical Center to present on Unconscious Bias to Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Ms. Bey’s dynamic presentation lead to a rich and important discussion that promoted increased understanding, especially from those Social Worker’s who experience advantage based on race. Ms. Bey also provided practical steps and scripts that Social Worker’s can use when they experience micro-aggressions in order to empower the person experiencing racialized harm. Ms. Bey’s empathy, directness, and knowledge were clear in her presentation. I highly recommend Ms. Bey to anyone seeking speakers for an event.”

What others are saying once they invite IAB Consulting LLC to join their village...

"I learned to take ownership of my emotions and my implicit bias, doing the work required to not only serve my population better, but also enhance my personal relationships."

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