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We offer clinical supervision, consultation for staffing clinical cases, behavioral health organizational development, retreat/staff professional event planning, private/group practice, mental health business development and more. Contact us to see if we are able to help you reach your highest potential.

Coaching and mentoring is custom designed for the Individual to get their needs met. An individualized plan is created, with objectives to meet that goal. Yet the work is on YOU. 

Clincial Supervision

  • We provide Supervision for NC Associate Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

  • Individual

  • Group


Hourly Consultation

  • We have hourly, and monthly packages. this does not include emails or additional contact requests.

  • 1 Hr

  • 2 Hr

  • 5 Hr


Monthly Consultation Package

  • Level 1 consists of TWO F2F [Live/ Virtual]- 1 hr sessions per month, up to 5 emails.

  • Level 2 consists of FOUR F2F  [Live/ Virtual] 1 hr sessions per month, up to 10 emails



  • Month to month Packages

  • 6 week package

  • 12 week package

  • 24 week package

Get in Touch

Click here to request a service.

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