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Cultural Service Learning

This Journey encompasses: Service, Healing, Cultural Immersion and Disrupting. We disrupt biases, individualistic approaches, unhealthy perceptions and behaviors, Western views and ideas, Power and Privilege and many other things as we travel internationally. The journey begins once you commit. There are so many lessons, experiences along the way in just working to get to one of these destinations. WE invite you to be open to learning and transforming. Choose one of our upcoming cultural service learning journeys. Or, work with IAB Consulting to design your own.

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Ghana, West Africa

OBey Foundation partners with Harmony Health Therapeutics Services to create a Global Healing initiative. IAB Consulting coordinates and takes a group of committed participants on an all inclusive 2 week journey that begins the day one submits an application. We spend the majority of the time at Ocean Breeze Healing and Wellness Retreat [OBHWR].  OBHWR is a NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] and equivalent of a non-profit in Ghana, West Africa, Central Region. They host cultural service learning and wellness retreats to provide a culturally humble experience for  guests who visit our property. This is not a tourist destination. We welcome opportunities to offer a space for healing and wellness. To be considered, one must request an informational package. To request, click here. May- June 2024. Private groups can be scheduled with 4 or more participants and request 1 or 2 hosts for the duration of the trip.


Havana, Cuba 

IAB Consulting coordinates a 3-4 night experience in Havana, Cuba. This journey offers guests an opportunity to bring supplies over to families in need. In exchange, families provide housing, some meals and cultural experiences. Many of these experiences introduce guests to Afro-Cuban spiritual practices, music and culture. This is not all inclusive. It requires cultural humility, and open to learning a difference in culture, politics, and economy. These can be requested for private groups with 4 or more participants. Otherwise, you can request to join our next scheduled trip here. **There are NO scheduled journeys right now** Check soon as we are planning dates for 2024.

Custom Healing or Wellness Retreat

Seeking a private wellness, spiritual or healing journey for you, with friends or with a group? IAB Consulting will coordinate that special package for you! We can host you at Ocean Breeze Wellness Retreat, In Cuba or where ever you wish to journey. We will connect you with a host who will be responsible for your journey, custom designed for you. Packages and pricing varies. Click here to submit a request for a custom designed package.


Get in Touch

Click here to request a booking.

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