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Momma Bey [Isis Bey, LCSW, CCTP II, TTS]

Founder, Owner, Trainer, Consultant Helper and Healer


Momma Bey is the founder and owner of IAB Consulting LLC, Harmony Health Therapeutic Services and an Adjunct Professor with multiple Universities. Ms. Bey, a licensed mental health therapist, is also an NC Supervisor for Clinical Social Workers. She is currently a PhD Student in Public Health with a focus on behavioral health. Momma Bey is working on developing research models to test the healing model she designed.


She is a national trainer and consultant. Ms. Bey completed her Graduate education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has over 25 years' experience working with children and families and training. She is Nationally Certified as an Advanced Level Complex Trauma Clinician, Gang Specialist, Triple P Parent Provider and TF-CBT Supervisor/Consultant. She is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist [TTS].


Her training/consulting experience includes Trauma [inc Racial, Transgenerational], Advocacy, Ethics, Holistic Healing Practices, Implicit Bias, Systematic Disparities, Anti-Racism, Group Therapy, Child Welfare, Parent Education, Criminal Justice, Gang Intervention, Human Trafficking, Domestic and Teen Dating Violence.

Momma Bey has program development experience in behavioral health, private practice, policies and procedures, organizational change and human resource development.

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